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Through the ancient art of alchemy, solutions to everyday problems were discovered with the help of careful research, experimentation, and ingenuity. Today, Alchemy Financial Group draws inspiration from this early precursor to modern science. We implement a careful process, drawing on research and experience, to create financial solutions for our clients’ everyday problems. We offer our clients wealth management services – enlightened through our process of discovery, service, and client education.

Trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors are key to our success. Our team is comprised of independent financial professionals free from the requirement to push proprietary products and in control of the way they shape their practice.

We are seeking financial professionals whose desire for independence and dedication to service align with our own. You don’t have to go it alone to be independent, nor do you have to become a business owner. As an Alchemy advisor you can focus on what you do best – creating solutions for your client.

Alchemy, like chemistry, is about taking the ordinary and transforming it into something new. Be a part of that transformation; join Alchemy Financial Group today.

Becoming an Alchemy Advisor

There isn’t just one way to become an independent financial professional. Independence frees advisors from the requirement to sell proprietary products, brand themselves as their broker-dealer, and offer only a limited selection of services. For many, independence also means increased responsibilities of managing staff, keeping track of a business’ finances, and taking on additional personal risk – all on top of advising clients. Becoming a business owner may not be the best option for everyone – joining a team of other independent financial professionals can provide the same freedom to develop your practice without the obligations of running a business. The key is finding a firm and a team that shares your values and supports you as you grow.

As an Alchemy Financial Group advisor you can focus on serving your clients, offering the services and products you know best. We offer a menu of benefits — customized to fit your needs and practice — to build our relationship, together.

Our advisors maintain ownership over their book of business and have flexibility in how to best serve their clients. We provide extensive assistance in transitioning clients, as well as funding other costs associated with your transition to Alchemy such as licensing and broker-dealer expenses. We have a number of optional services, including marketing and branding assistance.

Depending on how we set up our partnership, the following benefits are available to you:

Practice support

  • Use of Alchemy marketing and branding

  • Inclusion and use of Alchemy website

  • Compliance oversight

  • Training and continuous education programs

  • Access to broker-dealer optional services, training, and events

  • Administrative assistance

Transition Support

  • Client transition support

  • Monetary transition support

  • Technology hardware and software support

  • Access to fully equipped private office and use of conference rooms

  • Optional telephone extension and remote access

  • Access to Alchemy client development events

No matter how we craft our partnership given the customizable benefits above, you maintain ownership of your practice as an independent financial advisor.

Our Broker-dealer

We are proud that Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., one of the largest privately controlled independent broker-dealers in the country, is our broker-dealer of choice. Cambridge supports several thousand independent financial professionals nationwide who serve their hundreds of thousands of clients as registered representatives and investment advisor representatives, choosing to use either

Cambridge’s corporate Registered Investment Adviser or their own.

Our choice of Cambridge derives from their support of our independence and flexibility in supporting our practice. They have long been considered a pioneer of the hybrid fees and commissions model, are at the forefront of succession and acquisition planning, and are strong supporters of the next generation of the industry. Cambridge offers a culture of kindness and commitment that provides us with innovative financial solutions while treating us as part of the Cambridge family.

Please reach out to Christopher Roberts at (630) 656-9000 or